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Niketown Index- Pictures of the cast's visit to Niketown


Capture 1 – Title credits from WB's Popular 1
Capture 2 – Title credits 2
Capture 3 – From Beautician & the Beast

"Caged"-The girls get trapped in the bathroom, and reveal some intimate secrets.
Capture Index 1
Capture Index 2

"Booty Camp"-Everyone learns to respect each other's boundaries at boot camp.
Capture Index 3
Capture Index 4

"All About Adam"-Adam attempts to become a male cheerleader.
Capture Index 5

"Under Seige"-Disection, Cheerleading, Athletic Budgets...
Capture Index 6
Capture Index 7

"Lord Of The Files"-Vice-principal teaches Tai-Chi to the girls who want his yin-yang, and Harrison John thinks he's a musician.
Capture Index 8
Capture Index 9

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